Qlik is the platform that revolutionized the way we analyze data by introducing the concept of Active Intelligence.

It is the Business Analytics tool that allows an open exploration of data, without constraints of dashboards or pre-defined analysis paths: thanks to AI and ML systems, Qlik allows you to anticipate questions, manage follow-up and follow personal paths to gain insight and make meaningful discoveries.
Qlik allows to express to the maximum the subjective component of analysis and the collaborative approach of the team, generating innovative solutions.

In Blue BI we have developed in-depth technical and functional skills on the main Qlik solutions for BI:

qlik business intelligence Blue BI

Thanks to the Blue BI solutions based on the Qlik platform, we connect the data of the corporate information assets with external resources, in an agile and easy-to-use way, supporting informed, immediate and effective decision-making processes.

The goal is always to transform the data into knowledge, providing tools that can increase the role that the data has in decision-making, in order to increase business value.

With Qlik this challenging goal becomes realistically achievable with a reduced time-to-market compared to other solutions and with a relative benefit in terms of cost containment.

qlik advanced analytics

Qlik technology

Qlik’s associative technology is unique in its kind and allows a data exploration without predefined patterns, really enabling data exploration.

Thanks to a web based, responsive and multi-device use, analytics are always available to be used, whatever the support or context in which they are needed.


Qlik Sense offers maximum flexibility in terms of architecture as it can be used in On Prem, Cloud or Hybrid Cloud mode.

The system operates by extracting data from food systems, and importing it into its environment. The impact in terms of architecture and performance on the systems operating in the company is very small and does not interfere with the feeding systems in a clear way.

Self Analisys

Qlik Sense is a modern, visual, intuitive system, strongly oriented towards self analysis by the user, with almost zero waiting and browsing times.

The use is immediate and the construction of a “personal” analysis dashboard, even starting from simple Excel sheets, requires an operational training of only a few hours.

The capabilities of Insight Advisor, thanks to AI and ML support users in generating new analysis, minimizing cognitive bias and allowing a natural language iteration.

qlik advanced analytics integration

Qlik tools

Thanks to a large and powerful set of APIs, Qlik Sense can be extended in potential or integrated into other web pages.

Design and functionality

Blue BI createsDashboard based on Qlik that analyze the “daily” data, allowing an immediate vision and analysis on every aspect of the company that you want to monitor.

Transforming elementary data into meaningful information

The evolution of production, management and interaction systems, also enabled by digitization, makes it possible to have large quantities of data available which, if not treated adequately and normalized, produce a lot of disrupted information, difficult to process and of little significance for the business strategy of any sector.

Blue BI creates Business Intelligence solutions based on Qlik systems capable of extracting significant information starting from elementary data, even uneven sources, quickly (real-time) to obtain insights with a significant positive impact on all the company’s decision-making processes.

BI solutions for every technology

In Blue BI we solve the problem of integrations and data normalization between different technologies (SAP, Qlik, Microsoft, SAS, Oracle, Tableau, Dataiku, Open Source and more), software already in use in the company and external sources.

We create and manage Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions that meet the needs of customers in terms of usability, reliability and achievement of the expected results and benefits, introducing the best technological solution in company organizations based on context and needs, without any conditioning by the Software Vendor.

Benchmark Blue BI

We keep ourselves constantly updated on all the technologies present on the Business Analysis market. One of the value-added services we offer is the drafting of Comparative benchmarks between the different BA solutions, built on the basis of customer needs and based on project operational experiences, in addition to the evaluation of product technical specifications.

Benchmark analysis is essential to support the customer in selecting the technology that best suits his needs.