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Integrated data-driven analysis, simulation and planning for the entire Retail & GDO supply chain

Companies operating in the large-scale distribution (GDO) or specialized distribution (GDS) sectors find themselves having to face challenges that involve the contamination of territorial markets with global and digital dynamics. All this by interacting with customers increasingly accustomed to the standards of online and multi-channel purchases, both for high-value products and consumer goods.

In this scenario, the ability to manage and read data from the various company departments (from finance to marketing) in a fast , functional and integrated way, along the entire retail chain, from suppliers to points of sale, becomes fundamental.

In all areas of the Retail & GDO supply chain, it is essential to adopt a data-driven approach that supports the management and managers of physical and online stores, in making decisions with a high strategic value.

Blue BI creates Business Intelligence solutions for the Retail & GDO sector thanks to the integration of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence systems with the most famous management platforms. The integration of big data from multiple sources, combined with territorial and customer retention data, becomes a wealth of high-value information, easily usable for fast and reliable decision-making processes.

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Omnichannel Data-Driven Strategies

The advent of pure players and e-commerce represent a challenge that Retail & GDO companies can win through omnichannel strategies that allow them to better understand the demand coming from the different channels, so as to react promptly to the insights generated by the consumer and respond to his expectations.

Blue BI solutions help companies manage the huge amount of data generated by physical stores, the e-commerce world and related digital channels (from the web to the IoT, from CRM to social media) to:

Machine Learning and AI in the Retail & GDO sector

The algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, combined with the right data warehouse infrastructures, allow the management of the enormous volume of information generated by the various “in house” and “outsourced” business tools.

The integration and return of significant data is therefore immediate and functional, in a model that supports all the decision-making processes of companies and retailers.

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KPIs and Dimensions for the Retail and GDO sector

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