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Business Intelligence for Sales Analysis and Strategy Commercial

The Business Strategy needs accurate and timely KPIs and sales analysis data to operate data-driven decision-making processes that can increase sales performance, by changing their plans in the process on the basis of both internal factors and market conditions.

A successful business strategy involves numerous figures acting at various levels, from business figures to sales force, with specific self-analysis needs with respect to sales data, market data, forecast data, simulations and predictive analysis, each of which needs integrated and sharable information, to identify critical issues to be corrected and opportunities to be seized. The use of Business Intelligence, ML and AI algorithms and other Advanced Analytics tools allows the management of huge volumes of data and integrated planning actions immediate and efficient, through tailor-made solutions.

Blue BI Solutions for Sales & Commercial

Blue BI realizes Business Intelligence solutions for Sales Analysis and Commercial Strategy for perform all the tasks of planning and control, reporting, simulation, integrating the corporate CRM and the information assets of the various business units.


BI and Advanced Analytics solutions for Business Strategy are developed with technology:

They can be integrated with:

Management Reporting

The dashboard with the main business KPIs and the implementation of accurate predictive models allow you to quickly identify the areas to be controlled more carefully and make the best decisions in a very short time.

Real Time & Deep Analysis

Real-time analysis of the trend of sales activities by channel, brand, product, geographical area, etc. The Blue BI benchmark comes from commercial organizations in various industrial sectors.

Distribution and Retail KPI

All information from the internal information system (ERP), POS applications, store asset data, etc. is collected and harmonised in BI systems to provide accurate information on:

Significant S&C Reports

The best decisions are supported by objective data, static reports represent an obsolete tool and difficult to deepen. Blue BI provides extremely powerful analytics tools with a low learning curve that can generate amazing insights through embedded AI algorithms.

Credit Recovery

Effective monitoring of customer payment flows and times:

Sales Trends and Forecasting

An accurate and periodically updated forecasting forecast, which also takes into account variables outside the market, is possible thanks to:

Tailored Solutions

The analysis models necessary to keep under control the trend of sales change rapidly depending on the type of phenomenon that you want to analyze and it is essential that the applications for the analysis of indicators adapt promptly to the needs of different business unit. 

Blue BI solutions for Sales & Commercial:

Strategie BI per le vendite

The monitoring of products installed at customers, combined with tools available to Big Data platforms (Cloudera, Elastic Map Reduce, etc.), allows you to verify their use and implement:

Blue BI Integrations for Sales Strategy and Analytics

Geo Analytics

The integration of Geo Analysis tools allows the distribution of the main sales kpi on the territory, as an entry point for detailed analysis. The graphic representation of sales data in relation to the map of the territory and the integration of market data allow to conduct analysis and make decisions “location related”.


Integration of the Chatbot Solution simplifies access to analytics data. The user can request data, reports or graphs by formulating requests in natural language, to which the Chatbot responds after finding the information from dashboards and reports implemented in the BI system, providing timely and certified data. The system is available 24×7 and solves satisfactorily and automatically over 70% of the applications, drastically reducing the workload on the company structures that must provide the support and effort necessary to perform specific analyses.

Scalable Platform

Blue BI develops Business Analytics solutions for the Sales & Commercial area, able to gradually grow in number and type of users as well as functionality, making the solution scalable both in terms of resources and costs.

Collaborative BI

Traditional and obsolete tools, used to aggregate heterogeneous data, are replaced by analyses and dashboards shared in real time, accompanied by notes and specific considerations, allowing the immediate exchange of information in a true collaborative team work, enriching the value of analysis and scenarios. 

Efficient Solutions


We measure the User Adoption of Business Analytics tools to intercept critical issues and intervene promptly with corrective measures that allow to maximize the return on investment in BI solutions for the company’s Digital Strategy.

Integration and Mashup

Possibility to integrate the analyses in web applications of the company intranet or on the institutional site, so as to make available automatically updated data.

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