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SAP is an enterprise software system that has revolutionized the way information is processed within companies.

SAP is one of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that enables the smooth flow of information between organizations, across divisions and business units (production, raw material management, sales, marketing, finance and human resources).

In addition to offering modules dedicated to every business sector (from ERP, to CRM, HR, etc.), SAP has evolved towards Business Intelligence solutions capable of processing huge amounts of data and supporting advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

In Blue BI we have developed in-depth technical and functional skills on the main SAP solutions for BI:

sap business intelligence Blue BI

Thanks to Blue BI solutions based on SAP BI platforms, we connect the data of the corporate information assets with external resources, to support informed, immediate and effective decision-making processes. We make sure that every decision taken, at every level of management, has a positive impact in terms of optimizing resources, containing costs, increasing turnover and developing innovative strategies based on certain scenarios, which would otherwise be impossible.



sap business intelligence & advanced analytics

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platformis the solution to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Business Intelligence (BI), and Augmented Analytics systems for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics..

In this way, every person within the organization has access to meaningful information, based on reliable data, which allows them to make decisions that are equally reliable, fast and with a reduced effort of resources (both IT and HR).

The SAP Business Intelligence platform consists of many integrated solutions:

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence is the solution that enables real-time data visualization, reporting and sharing. It’s a centralized, scalable on-premise solution that lets you turn raw data into meaningful information available anytime, anywhere.

With the SCP Cloud platform, SAP provides a cloud environment in which to develop and manage applications, so as to integrate proprietary information with third-party data, to effect complete and meaningful data transformations.

Unification of processes

Through SAP Data Services it is possible to acquire data from different business processes (different software) and upload them to the Data Warehouse with the appropriate transformations. The information repository is then fed in a simple way interfacing with the application, without having to intervene on the logic already implemented in the management.

Analisi Self-Service

The SAP BI platform allows the enabling of a functional view on the data suitable for each company department: You can release different reporting tools, dahboarding, self-service analysis, etc. to tailor the tool to your needs and skills and to the user’s needs.

Transforming elementary data into meaningful information

The evolution of production, management and interaction systems, also enabled by digitization, makes it possible to have large quantities of data available which, if not treated adequately and normalized, produce a lot of disrupted information, difficult to process and of little significance for the business strategy of any sector.

Blue BI creates Business Intelligence solutions based on SAP systems capable of extracting significant information starting from inhomogeneous elementary data quickly (real-time) and on-demand, with a significant positive impact on all the company’s decision-making processes.

SAP BI solutions for every technology

In Blue BI we solve the problem of integrations and data normalization between different technologies (SAP, Qlik, Microsoft, SAS, Oracle, Tableau, Open Source and more), software already in use in the company and external sources.

We create and manage Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions that meet the needs of customers in terms of usability, reliability and achievement of the expected results and benefits, introducing the best technological solution in company organizations based on context and needs, without any conditioning by the Software Vendor.

Benchmark Blue BI

We keep ourselves constantly updated on all the technologies present on the Business Analysis market. One of the value-added services we offer is the drafting of Comparative benchmarks between the different BA solutions, built on the basis of customer needs and based on project operational experiences, in addition to the evaluation of product technical specifications.

Benchmark analysis is essential to support the customer in selecting the technology that best suits his needs.