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We create tailor made Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions, specific for each sector: Luxury & Fashion, Retail & GDO, Life Science, Logistics and Transport, etc.

In a scenario where the Analytics Divide is already generating a strong gap between companies that welcome and exploit the potential of AI technologies to their advantage, and those that postpone this evolution, BI systems based on Big Data, AI and ML represent the real opportunity for every player to stay on the market and thrive.

Blue BI is the strategic partner to introduce specific Business Intelligence & Analytics systems for the various industries.


We create innovative solutions for the organizational and clinical management of ClinOps, Pharma Industries and Biotechnologies.


We introduce data-driven managerial processes applied to the fashion and luxury sector, companies characterized by a high creative content and which have specific needs.


BI solutions for the analysis, forecasting and optimization of Operations in the Logistics and Transportation sector, with a strong impact on cost containment, ROI and forecasting, from the procurement of raw materials to sales.


We create systems for integrated data-driven analysis, simulation and planning for the entire GDS and GDO supply chain, taking into account the contamination of territorial markets with global and digital dynamics.

Business Intelligence for Industry

Technological evolution based on Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation is now a reality that involves all market sectors.

From Luxury to GDO to Life Science, Business Intelligence & Analytics strategies based on Big Data, AI and ML are today the differentiating factor that allows companies to react promptly to changes, reduce costs, increase revenues, better understand customers, suppliers and market trends, for maximize the result and make the best decisions.

In the not too distant future, the ability of companies to stay on the market will be determined by their very aptitude to develop and implement new Analytics & Data Driven paradigms and systems.

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions guide and support companies in every evolutionary phase, to overcome the new challenges dictated by internal and market changes and by the continuous affirmation of new technologies.