We create tailor made Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions, designed on specific customer needs, improving existing processes and proposing innovative solutions. To do this, we work with the best BI, Business Analytics and Data Visualization platforms and software.

We solve the problem of integrations and data normalization between different technologies (SAP, Qlik, Microsoft, SAS, Oracle, Tableau, Dataiku, Open Source and more), software already in use in the company and external sources, thanks to highly specialized skills and great experience.

Blue BI is the strategic partner for introducing Business Intelligence & Analytics systems capable of satisfying criteria of usability, reliability and achievement of the expected results, introducing the best technological solution in company organizations based on context and needs, without conditioning by the Software Vendor.


The family of BI products and software that makes Business Analytics easy and intuitive.

Leader for 14 consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant ™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms.


The end-to-end DSS platform that makes AI accessible to all businesses.

Leader for 2 consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant ™ for Data Science and Machine Learning platforms.


The ERP business software system that has revolutionized the way information is processed within companies: it allows the smooth flow of information between organizations and the various business divisions and business units.


IBM Artificial Intelligence designed for business, intended for companies and professionals, which includes both virtual assistance technologies and the integration of AI into business processes.


The platform that revolutionizes the way of doing data analysis by introducing the concept of Active Intelligence: it allows an open exploration of data, without the constraints of dashboards or predefined analysis paths.


The software system intended for statistical analysis. A tool for business planning, forecasting analysis and decision support, which allows you to solve complex problems concerning operations research, risk management, Big Data management, visual analysis, Clustering, Forecasting, etc.

The best Business Intelligence software

Equipping Data Science & Data Driven infrastructures and technologies is today the differentiating factor that allows companies to react promptly to changes , reduce costs, increase revenues, better understand customers, suppliers and market trends, to maximize results and make the best decisions.

In the not too distant future, the very ability of companies to stay on the market will be determined by their aptitude to develop and implement new paradigms and systems based on Artificial Intelligence: this is the effect of the Analytics Divide. Welcoming, exploiting and developing these new technologies will be the discriminating factor between these companies that are able to seize these opportunities and thrive and organizations that will no longer be able to compete.

In such a competitive scenario, equip yourself with the most appropriate tools it is the choice that can determine the success or failure in the implementation and actual production of an ML model. For this reason we use the Product benchmark as a tool for a correct evaluation of the technology for the development of specific BI projects, without any conditioning by the Software Vendors.

Blue BI is the strategic partner to develop systems of Business Intelligence & Analytics with the best platforms and software available on the market. We support companies in every evolutionary phase, to win the new challenges dictated by internal and market changes and by the continuous affirmation of new technologies.