Story Telling and Infographics in the digital age with Qlik Sense

From Gartner’s analysis and Blue BI experience, only a small percentage of managers are able to make data-driven decisions, even when they conflict with personal insights.

While it may be a cultural factor, often the simplest reason is related to how the data is presented. A number is not enough to make a decision, but it must be told and contextualized. This is why for a data-driven company the ability to add context to data and to use narrative to convey its message is increasingly important.

As Gartner teaches us, the use of storytelling and infographics makes it easier to enable decisions.
Modern tools such as Qlik Sense, allow the implementation of Analytics and Data Insight in very various forms, with different characteristics and which respond to different needs, thus being able to fully satisfy the need to implement a decision-making approach guided by these tools.
It is therefore essential that every company finds the best balance point for itself and adopts it to successfully approach the market in the digital age.

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Learning to contextualize and tell the message contained in the data will increasingly become a necessity for every company function. This webinar will show you the reasons and the way that, through you, can lead your company to be successful in the digital age. Do not miss this opportunity to see examples, results and ideas to face this fundamental transformation!

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