Storytelling and Infographics in the digital age with Microsoft Power BI

For a data-driven company, the ability to add context to data and use narrative to convey its message is increasingly important.

As Gartner teaches us, contextualized narration, or the use of Storytelling and Infographics, makes it easier to enable decisions.

Learn with us how Power BI allows you to implement a decision-making approach driven by Analytics and Insight!

But what are the advantages? Why should you use this innovative technology? Find out in this session why your company would need it too.

Why ask us for a dedicated session?

Because you don’t need an extra KPI but a more complete response from them. Come and discover a new way to visualize and analyze your data, and see how the same data can offer a much clearer, more complete and effective information picture.

webinar Storytelling ed Infografiche Microsoft Power BI



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Professional with several years of experience in data analysis and in the design of advanced analytics and data insight solutions and architectures.

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