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Supply Chain

Advanced Analytics for the Supply Chain

The Supply Chain needs to be able to manage all the business processes tied to the supply chain accessing to precise and punctual information that allow to take effective decisions, able to improve the value and profitability of all aspects related to it, towards stakeholders both internal and external to the company.

The main criticalities that regard the Supply Chain processes are:

Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Analysis & Management

Blue BI implements Business Analytics solutions for the Supply Chain that can provide effective decision support and generate tangible monetary value.

By integrating the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms, our BI solutions increase the effectiveness of supply chain analytics:

We take the huge amount of data generated, make it meaningful by integrating it with other information both intra and extra corporate and make it easily accessible based on the roles and goals of the people for whom it is intended. In this way we transform the raw data in useful information in real time in order to adapt and to reorganize activities and processes of the Supply Chain in timely and effective way.


BI solutions for Supply Chain are developed with technology:

They can be integrated with:

Supply Chain Management: Planning, monitoring and predictive analytics

Thanks to Microsoft’s BI platform combined with AI and Machine Learning algorithms, it is possible to operate monitoring, planning, predictive and prescriptive analysis processes that can generate a great economic impact on all areas involved in the Supply Chain: production, machine maintenance, product improvement, warehouse management, logistics, etc. 



Advance Analysis for Supply Chain allows you to better orchestrate production to improve performance, reduce costs, increase business revenue and maintain a level of customer service appropriate to their needs.

Distribution and transport

Product improvement and innovation

Collaborative BI

Traditional and obsolete tools are replaced by analyses and dashboards shared in real time, accompanied by notes and specific considerations, allowing the immediate exchange of information in a real collaborative team work, enriching the value of analysis and scenarios. 

Scalable Platform

The approach that Blue BI follows is to gradually grow in number and type of users as well as functionality, making the solution scalable both in terms of resources and costs.

Blue BI Integrations for Supply Chain Analysis

Geo Analytics

The integration of Geo Analytics tools allows geospatial analysis and detailed spatial reports, integrating spatial data with company data, for an immediate view of the production and distribution aspects in relation to the territory. The combination of data superimposed on the spatial map can be used as a navigation and analysis dashboard to make “location related” decisions.


The integration of chatbot tools simplifies access to analytics data. The user can request data, reports or graphs by formulating requests in natural language, to which the Chatbot responds after finding the information through Qlik Sense, then providing certified data. The system is available 24×7 and satisfactorily and automatically solves more than 70% of applications, drastically reducing the workload on the company structures that must provide support.

Optimization of Investment

The structure of the Data Warehouse (repository of the information) is realized through the platform
Microsoft Power BI that allows you to relate all the information from the sales area,
production and logistics, the CRM system, external sources (web, market analysis, etc.) and
internal and external stakeholders.

Efficient Solutions


We measure the User Adoption of sharing and analysis tools to intercept critical issues and intervene promptly with corrective measures that allow to maximize the return on the Business Analysis investment for the Supply Chain.

Custom applications for user

Possibility to modify the analysis processes in complete autonomy and safety, in an environment distinct from the certified versions.

Integration and Mashup

Possibility to integrate the analyses in web applications of the company intranet or on the institutional site, so as to make available automatically updated data.

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