How to get the most from the fusion between Report and Design



Creating a report doesn’t just mean inserting a series of KPIs into a Business Intelligence tool, but harmonising the user experience so that you can easily find the information you need to make better decisions.

In fact, in the context of BI, visual communication is fundamental, that is, sharing complex information in a clear and effective way.

Report design

The design of the report must take into account the display, in addition to user requests. It must be appealing and easily understood.

In fact, reports are based on complex data and information that are represented through graphs, tables and dashboards. These visualizations, also called visual, help companies identify trends, issues and especially opportunities.

A key aspect of design is the development of page navigation with a user-oriented approach. Navigation must be simple and intuitive, including the ability to navigate both sequentially the pages of the report and according to the user’s request. This is why side menus or arrows are often used to navigate the report according to the desired modes.

Attention to Layout

A report can not only be well done but also nice to see, so Blue BI is supported by a Graphic Designer in this activity.

This great support allows us to improve the reporting under several points:

  • The report takes on a professional appearance of high level when the design is clean and attractive. This allows you to convey professionalism and credibility to the report itself.
  • Good design improves understanding and draws attention to key reporting points. Moreover, communication is clearer and more effective.
  • The support of a Graphic Designer allows to maintain a visual coherence through the font, layout and style of all elements of the company such as, for example, website, reporting and presentations.
  • It is possible to maximise the power and readability of each individual visual object.

Process optimization

In addition to these key aspects, collaboration with a Graphic Designer allows you to optimize the reporting process as developers can focus more on collecting, analyzing and implementing requirements.

Our analysis showed a 25% decrease in the time spent in the initial POC phase, thanks to the parallelization of the technical development process of the report and layout development.

In addition, all customers were extremely satisfied with the layout proposed since the first version.

Now it’s your turn

If this has not convinced you, I suggest you talk to the Data Analysts who use the reports on a daily basis. How many problems could be solved by hiring Blue BI to improve your reporting and a Graphic Designer?

We realize Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solutions to transform simple data into information of freat strategic value.


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