What is Industry 4.0? And what are the benefits of IIOT?

Industry 4.0 Industrial Internet  Of Things


It is a process of Digital Transformation that concerns the industrial sector and that stems from the fourth industrial revolution. 

Through the introduction of the Industrial Internet of Things, i.e., enabling technologies such as robotics, sensors, connection and programming, already existing but now interconnected, Industry 4.0 is leading to a fully automated, interconnected and more efficient industrial production process.

Industria 4.0

Its applications concern in particular areas such as:

  • Automated management of equipment and resources: thanks to the interconnection and the continuous exchange of information between devices, it is possible to monitor the equipment of plants located in different geographical locations, exercise greater control of stocks and their location, all in real time and remotely.
  • Predictive maintenance: by analyzing machine operating data and identifying a correlation with malfunctions and failures, predictive models can be built to detect the need for maintenance before a new fault occurs with potential impacts on safety and production.
  • Quality control: the access and analysis of data from all devices that are part of the production process, as well as the tracking of the resources used, allows to detect defects before the product is delivered to the customer. The study of defects, in addition to being fundamental to ensure product safety (particularly relevant in some sectors such as pharmaceuticals) can also be a valuable input for the research and development process and the consequent improvement of the product.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability: through the use of sensors, it is possible to monitor consumption patterns and obtain information on inefficient areas, allowing corrective actions to be carried out, also thanks to the use of AI. In the field of sustainability, energy management software allows you to analyze your carbon footprint and, if necessary, take corrective action.

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