What is Mixed Reality and what are its advantages?



The term Mixed Reality (MR) means the set of technologies and experiences that combine the physical world with the virtual one, generating a hybrid environment in which you can live immersive and engaging experiences. The concept of Mixed Reality (MR) stands between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) that represent the two extremes within which it comes to life:

  • On the one hand, Augmented Reality (AR) means any technology that creates a composite viewing experience, overlaying a digital image to what the user observes of the real world.
  • On the other hand, the term Virtual Reality (VR) refers to those technologies or experiences that involve the complete immersion of the user in a virtual world through devices that effectively interrupt the connection with the images and sounds of the real world.


Devices for Mixed Reality

Devices that allow access to Mixed Reality (MR) experiences are those that combine elements of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create a mixed reality experience where virtual objects interact with the real environment.

Some examples of mixed reality devices are: Microsoft hololens, Magic Leap One, Oculus Quest, Meta Quest.


A cosa serve e cosa permette di fare?

Mixed Reality is based on a set of technologies, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensors and 3D graphics. These tools allow MR devices to detect and interact with their surroundings, recognize objects and surfaces, and track user movements. This allows you to create an experience that seems to extend the real world.

What is it for and what does it allow?

Mixed Reality represents a completely new way of connecting with the world and interacting in it. Among the possibilities this technology offers are:

  • Understanding of the environment: using sensors integrated into Mixed Reality devices, the surrounding environment can be defined in a spatial coordinate system.
  • Anchoring of objects: fix the location of virtual objects in the real world, based on the previously defined spatial coordinate system.
  • Human understanding: identify the user’s movements in the spatial coordinate system, in particular head position and orientation and hand tracking.
  • Spatial audio: define an audio position in the spatial coordinate system by replicating the human perception by intensity and directionality of the sound source.
  • Collaboration: multi-user collaborative experiences on projects, allowing you to interact with common elements in shared spaces

Advantages and examples of use

One of the main advantages of Mixed Reality is its ability to create immersive and engaging experiences. For example, an MR app may allow users to explore a virtual city or interact with virtual objects in real time. This type of experience can be used in many applications, including education, tourism, training and entertainment.

MR can also be used in industrial applications, such as design and manufacturing. For example, a designer could use an MR device to view a virtual model of a product and modify its design in real time. In this way, MR can help reduce production time and improve product quality.

Mixed Reality also has the potential to improve communication and collaboration between people. For example, a group of people might use an MR app to view a project collaboratively and interact with it in real time. This could make it possible to work more efficiently and achieve better results.

BBI Mixed Reality for Fashion

Blue BI has been working for years to support leading companies in the Fashion & Luxury sector, providing value-added solutions that contribute to the growth and innovation of the business.

We have identified multiple possible applications of Mixed Reality technology for the fashion industry: virtual testing of a dress or customization of the same, involving the customer in a first-person experience, the realization of a virtual fashion show, which would allow designers and designers to create 3D clothing models and see them parade on a virtual catwalk.

However, at Blue BI we were particularly interested in the display of products and the creation of immersive shopping experiences, with particular reference to the Showroom event.
In this context we have developed the Next Level Showroom solution, which radically changes the way to prepare and live the event, both for the company and for the buyers involved.

If you are interested in Mixed Reality solutions, contact us!

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